Healthy Lifestyles

Ways to eat healthily, keep active, feel fitter, more energetic and happier about yourself.

Hi there, I am Jane (Cook) a School Nurse and Healthy Weight Lead for our team. We feel passionately about supporting any child and young person to achieve a healthier weight. We have many years of experience in supporting young people to manage their weight. We do not ‘tell’ you what to do but work with you to make small achievable changes to become healthier, fitter and feel better about yourself! Do not feel embarrassed we are here for everyone, its best to start now rather than wait until you’re older and you may have developed some health issues. We may ask you to complete some food diaries initially and we can then individually look at how best to support you, we can signpost you to different websites and we have a variety of resources to make our sessions more fun!

Please get in touch with either myself for an initial chat or you can self-refer to have some 1:1 sessions with a member of the Public Health Nursing Team by either completing one of our referral forms, ringing 0333 358 3654 or texting us via CHAT Health – 07507 330346.

Getting healthier is about taking ‘small steps’ not giant leaps!