Alcohol and drugs

Are alcohol and drugs getting you down?

Substance misuse is a form of risk-taking behaviour, for some young people it can just be experimental but for some young people it can become problematic.

There are many different reasons why people take drugs and drink Alcohol. Knowing why helps to talk about it:

  • To Socialise- Some people might take drugs or drink alcohol occasionally to have fun, socialise and relax. This might not become a problem for some people, and they’ll probably stop when they’re ready to.
  • To Escape- Some people use drugs and alcohol to escape difficult feelings that they’re struggling to cope with, which can make things worse.
  • To fit in – Some people might feel pressured by their peers. Try to encourage doing things that don’t involve drugs or alcohol.
  • To experiment- Most young people might try alcohol or drugs once or twice to see what it’s like and then decide to leave it.

Drinking alcohol and taking drugs as a teenager is illegal and can affect your physical and mental health. It is more harmful to your teenage bodies because your brains are still developing and can lead to lifelong damage to brain function and you are more likely to develop a dependency as an adult.

If you are under 18 and worried about alcohol and drugs there is help available.

You can call FRANK anytime on 0300 123 6600 for confidential advice. Drug & alcohol dependency and emotional wellbeing confidential service for young people and adults in Telford.

0300 456 4291