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Quiz: What Kind Of Friend Are You?

Take our quiz and work out what you're like as a friend!
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  • 1. Two of your friends have fallen out. Do you…

      • A. Take one side
      • B. Talk to them both together
      • C. Ignore them
      • D. Join in the falling out
  • 2. What do you do when someone is gossiping about your best friend. Do you…

      • A. Say nothing
      • B. Speak up and confront the gossips
      • C. Join in with the gossip
      • D. Listen and tell the friend later
  • 3. The most important thing about friendship is...

      • A. Spending fun time together
      • B. Always being there for each other
      • C. Being part of a popular group at school
      • D. Having cool friends
  • 4. Your friend is having a difficult week how would you cheer them up

      • A. Suggest you do something fun together
      • B. Tell them they'll get over it
      • C. Offer them a shoulder to cry on
      • D. Tell them about your bad week
  • 5. Your friend has not done as well in an exam as they hoped to. Do you...

      • A. Offer to help
      • B. Tell them how well you’ve done
      • C. Remind them of the things they are good at
      • D. Tell them it's their own fault
  • 6. Your friend tells you they are being bullied. What do you do?

      • A. Listen
      • B. Encourage them to get help
      • C. Ignore them
      • D. Laugh and tell them they are being silly
  • You are:

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