Young people helping to shape health services

Dominique has been volunteering with Barnardo’s HYPE throughout lockdown and has been involved in making a real difference to children and young people’s health services.

Barnardos HYPE works with Livewell Southwest to promote young people’s engagement and participation in health services. Dominique attends Plymouth High School for Girls and has been the voice of young people in Plymouth.

As a result of Dominique’s work, Livewell has changed its recruitment to make sure young people are included in the process, sitting on interview panels and being involved in the selection process of professionals within children and young people’s services.

Being involved in a live interview is a fantastic opportunity for young people and a great learning experience.

Dominique’s been working with Livewell since March and has been a valuable member of the service, contributing to the project at a local and national level.

Dominique became involved after taking part in a consultation with HYPE, supporting in the shaping of a survey for Livewell’s service users, to gather their views and opinions on the strengths and areas for improvement on the service.

One of the first large pieces of work Dominique was actively involved in was the co-production of a Government report ‘Mental Health and COVID-19: In our Own Words.’ Dominique worked with other young people in Plymouth to gather research on how COVID had impacted their mental health and wellbeing, along with asking for suggestions on how the government could support young people as lockdown measures were eased. Once the report was released Dominique, along with another young people, virtually presented their findings to Luke Pollard, local Labour MP. You can watch the session by clicking here.

Dominique has supported Livewell’s speech and language service in the successful recruitment of new staff and received excellent feedback, her opinions were valued and supported the decisions made.

In the up and coming weeks and months Dominique has been invited to take part in some big and exciting events to advocate the voice of young people in Plymouth.

If you’re a young person and you’ve been inspired by Dominique’s story and would like to get involved, check out the HYPE Plymouth facebook page or email