My mate tested positive for COVID-19

Along with feeling shocked and fearful as you see the number of COVID-19 cases increase throughout Plymouth, the country and the world, there may have also been some comfort and security knowing that those you cared most about were safe.

But now that someone close to you has tested positive or is demonstrating symptoms of COVID-19, that sense of safety, comfort, and security may be shattered in a way you never imagined it could be.

A young person in Plymouth found out that his friend had tested positive for the virus.

He said: “Initially I was shocked at the news as he was the first person I really knew that had been affected by COVID. I was overwhelmed with mixed emotions; first panic of ‘does that mean I’m going to get it’ followed by ‘YES I finish school for the term!’

“My mates and I talked, and planned, on the PS4, what we would do and what we think should happen.

“The next morning I was feeling really anxious. My mum sent me to school and said she’d call me if it affected me.

“When I got to school I felt happy. All I could think about was how I wouldn’t be at school much longer to finish the term!

“Later that day I told my form tutor about my friend, she agreed that I should been at home and she went to find out more information. I didn’t hear anything and before long, I was off to my English test, which I hoped I was going to miss!

“I found it really hard to concentrate in my lessons. My mum text me and told me that I should stay in school. Only one of my mates had to isolate, I wasn’t happy and had to carry on with the rest of my school day.

“When I got home and spoke to my mum, she explained the implications of a positive and a negative test on others around me.

“I know you have to be sensible and follow the ‘Hands, Face, Space’ guidance, but for me it’s about being brave too. My dad has a really low immune system and the impact of testing positive would have a massive impact on my family. I guess it’s thinking about other people like my dad too.

“What a 24 hour rollercoaster of emotions and adrenalin, I didn’t realise I could feel so many emotions in such a short amount of time. The not knowing, what ifs, the maybes, and conflicting information were huge.

“I’m pleased that I didn’t have to isolate and I went back to school the next day.”

If you’re worried about coronavirus, you can speak to your parents, teachers, or someone you trust.

You can contact your school nurse by texting them on 07480 635198 – they’ll text you back!

You can also get 24/7 mental health support by calling 01752 435122.