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Gambling: Just the facts

Gambling, sometimes known as betting, is risking anything of value (such as money) on the outcome of a game or event such as a football or boxing match. People do this with the aim of winning a larger prize, but often more money is lost than is won.

Examples of gambling include:

  • Betting privately with a friend or family member
  • Using any gambling website or gambling app
  • Game skin gambling, where gamers exchange virtual goods that they’ve won or bought in multi-player games for virtual gambling chips
  • The use of ‘fruit machines’ or quiz machines in pubs and venues
  • Buying a scratch card
  • Buying a lottery ticket
  • Certain card games, such as Poker or Blackjack

It is illegal for under 18’s to take part in most gambling activities or enter any gambling premises such as a betting shop or casino and, as of 2021, only over 18’s are allowed to take part in the National Lottery and buy scratch cards.

Read more about the risks of gambling here.

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