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Low Mood: Just The Facts

Have you ever felt that you are carrying the world’s weight on your shoulders?

Feel fed up, lacking motivation and feeling irritable at times?

Don’t worry…….

We all can feel like this at times, however these feelings normally pass and being able to reflect and take control can be hard but not impossible.

What is low mood?

Low mood will differ from person to person, it can be beneficial in identifying the triggers and life events that may have impacted upon your mood. This may help you to learn ways to look after your emotional, mental and physical health, which in turn could enable you to develop resilience and move through life’s challenges with more confidence.

No event or trigger is trivial to the person experiencing it, so don’t minimise your feelings around this. It’s important that we try to learn to manage and over-come difficulties, which can impact on our mood, for example exam stress, relationship problems or losing a loved one.

Feeling low doesn’t just impact upon your thoughts and feelings but may also affect your day to day living.

For example:

People who experience low mood may often associate low mood with impacting upon their thoughts and emotions leading to a spiral of negative thought processes. Have a look at Sarah’s Story.

You can also get to know the early warning signs and communication triggers.

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