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Understanding Anger

Get in touch with your anger.

Anger is not right or wrong; it’s just a feeling, like happiness or sadness. Everyone has times when they feel angry, and often with good reasons.

Anger is an emotion that can have a physical effect on your body. Your hormones go haywire, your heart beats faster, you can feel sick, lightheaded, and feel tension in your muscles.

Affecting everything

Anger can affect your relationships. When you are angry you can find yourself shouting or crying and doing things you would not normally do, like throwing things or rejecting and attacking others. If the people around us also get upset then this can make it even worse.

Try these ways to calm yourself down with our 8 ways to stop anger from running away with you

When we are calm again we can think about what has made us angry and talk about it with someone we trust. Here are some questions you could think about.

  • Do you feel guilty if you get angry?
  • What do you feel angry about?
  • Do you think it is justified?
  • What do you do when you feel angry that is helpful to you?

How to get help

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