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7 Ways To Stop Your Anger Running Away With You!

Here are some steps you can take to calm yourself down when you start feeling angry.

Remember, everyone experiences anger a bit differently and you might find some steps work better for you than others.

1. Breathe
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Taking time to think about your breathing can help you to calm down and feel less angry.

Focusing on your breathing may also stop you from saying or doing something that you regret in the heat of the moment

2. Use the 54321 technique
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This technique will help you feel more grounded and connect with your body.

  • 5: Think about FIVE things you see around you. It could be a pen, a spot on the ceiling or anything in your surroundings…
  • 4: Think about FOUR things you can touch around you…
  • 3: Think about THREE things you can hear…
  • 2: Think about TWO things you can smell…
  • 1: Think about ONE thing you can taste…

3. Find your safe place
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You might be able to move away from the situation to a safe place when you’re feeling angry, giving you space to calm down.

If you can’t do this then just picture in your mind somewhere that feels safe for you, and think about how you feel when you are there.

4. Physical activity
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Being active can help reduce the anger you’re feeling and help you feel less frustrated.

When we get angry, our body creates lots of adrenaline, and exercise can help to reduce this and calm you down.

Physical activity also pushes the body to produce hormones that make us feel happier and more relaxed.

5. Talk to someone about how you feel
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Talking to people about your feelings can help.

It can also be helpful, when you’re feeling calmer, to tell someone how they are making you feel; this might help change the situation.

6. Express your feelings
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Find other ways that you can express how you’re feeling:

  • Write your feeling down, or draw a picture
  • Sing along to music

Anything that helps you to express your feelings will help you to manage your anger.

7. Learn how to relax
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It’s important that you practice ways to relax when you’re feeling calm, so that you can then use these techniques when you start becoming angry.

Practice breathing techniques and relaxation regularly so that you are confident using them when you need to.

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