Healthy Lifestyle

It is always incredibly important to look after your body in the best way you can. It is also very easy!

Things you should try to do every day to keep healthy:

  • Drink plenty of water – 8 glasses of water is the recommended amount. This helps to keep your energy levels up, stop you from feeling tired, and helps your body to perform at its best.
  • Eat healthy food – all food is okay in moderation but, for the most part, healthy options are best. Eat between 5-7 pieces of fruit and vegetables per day (including beans pulses, and fruit juices) and eat 3 full meals with vegetables, proteins such as meat, fish, or beans. Maybe add dairy for calcium (cheese, milk, yoghurt) and avoid too much salt. Limit snacks (crisps, biscuits, sweets) the Change for Life campaign suggests 100 calorie snacks two a day max!
  • Exercise – while it is ideal to exercise for 60 minutes per day, any exercise at all is better than none. Go for short walks, get off the bus a stop early or try a new sport. Even more relaxed activities such as yoga are great for keeping you moving!
  • Limit your screen time – while phones and computers are amazing for keeping you entertained, using them too much can start to be unhealthy over time. They can cause headaches, tiredness through lack of sleep, and too much social media can cause stress and anxiety. For a few hours each day, find an activity to do that doesn’t involve a screen: read a book, draw, or chat with family members. This break will make you feel fresh and focused.
  • Get plenty of sleep – adults are advised to sleep for at least 6 hours a night but, for young people, even more sleep may be needed. Try to go to bed at a reasonable time each night (around 9-10pm) to ensure that you get plenty of rest.
  • Look after your mental health – looking after your mind is just as important as looking after your body. Talk to others about things that are worrying you and find helpful ways of managing your stress (such as keeping a journal, meditating, or talking to the GP/ school nurse if you find this difficult to manage)


The link below will take you to Change for Life which is a healthy lifestyle campaign with lots of helpful tips: