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Friendship: Just The Facts

Friends can make life that little bit more sweeter!

Good friends are like tasty foods – they make you feel happy. Having a friend who is just there does more than just get us by in life.

3 Characteristics of a good friendship

1 – They push us to be better

Not only do friends stick with us as we grow older but they also make us want to be better versions of ourselves. They inspire us to be better and achieve more in life.

2 – They call us out if we’re in the wrong

We’re all human and we all have flaws. Good friends in life will guide you if you fall down the wrong path.

3 – They have your back when life gets hard

There will be times when you’re faced with tough situations – having someone there to pick you up when you’re going through a hard time will help you overcome it.

3 Signs of a bad friendship

1 – You make bad decisions when you’re with them

Usually it’s easy to figure out if a person’s good or bad for you. If you end up in bad situations – think about whether you would end up there without that person’s influence.

2 – Your friend is never there for you

We all go through rollercoasters in life – sometimes they go up and sometimes they go down. When stuff happens and you feel down – is this friend absent?

3 – What advice?

If the advice you’re being given isn’t what you’d give to someone – think twice about that advice and see if you want to pursue it or not. Good friends will want the best for you and for you to do better in life.

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