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Notice Me: Elliott’s tragic tale

County Lines drug dealing refers to the transporting of illegal drugs. This can be the movement of drugs across local communities – as well as the transportation of drugs from big cities to towns. The “line” refers to the phone used to deal the drugs themselves.

Learn more about county lines and criminal exploitation here.

County Lines is not simply a drugs issue. County lines gangs groom and then exploit children to take a range of high-risk roles for them. By exploiting children, gangs are able to keep their costs low – as they don’t need to pay the children anything (despite the promises they may make at first).

The gangs are also able to keep themselves out of trouble – both from the police and from rival gangs.

Trevelyan Middle School have created a film called Notice Me, exploring the reality of County Lines through the eyes of Elliott. Elliott is an ordinary eleven-year-old boy whose world is turned upside down when he meets an older boy called George one day.

The film tries to answer the following questions:

  • What roles do children play in county lines?
  • How do children first get groomed into county lines?
  • How do gangs keep children from leaving county lines gangs?
  • What are the warning signs that someone you know might be involved in county lines?

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