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Child Sexual Exploitation: Just the facts

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a form of abuse.

CSE is when young people (boys or girls) are taken advantage of by being tricked or forced into taking part in sexual activity.

The person or people who want to abuse young people in this way are very clever and make you think you are in a good relationship. They might pretend to be your girlfriend or boyfriend. They may be nice to you, compliment you, buy you gifts, give you lots of attention, listen to you, send you lots of message through social media, tell you they love you and make you feel special. They might give you money, alcohol, cigarettes or drugs or just somewhere to stay.  This behaviour is sometimes called grooming.

It may be difficult to recognise that you’re being abused until they start to ask for something in return for all the gifts, time and attention they’ve given you.

They may want you to:

  • have sex with them
  • have sex with other people
  • look at sexual images – including films and pictures.
  • send sexual pictures of yourself.

That’s why it’s important to look out for the warning signs that the relationship might not be what you think.  Knowing some of these  warning signs can help keep you safe.

How to get help

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