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Divorce and separation: Just the facts

Divorce and separation are common.

In fact there are around 2.3 million separated families in the UK. Many young people are affected by this. So, if you’re experiencing a family separation, you’re not alone.

Separation and divorce can be a difficult and challenging time, and you might feel stuck in the middle of your parents. You might feel rejected, abandoned or confused and struggle to understand what is happening to your family. You may experience feelings of grief if one of your parents has moved away.

The process may involve bad feelings between both parents, and you might notice this in your home.

What is divorce?

Divorce means the legal ending of a marriage. This would mean that your parents are legally not married to each other anymore.

What is separation?

A separation means that one or both parents have decided that they no longer want to be in a relationship with the other.

Because of this they may move into separate houses. It could only be for a short period of time until difficulties are solved, or they may decide to separate permanently. Some couples can separate and continue to live with each other.

Separation might bring big family changes in routine and special occasions, such as birthdays or annual holidays.

Take a look at some of the ways in which divorce and separation can affect young people here.

How to get help

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Find help in your local area

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