Sexual health support services for Nottinghamshire

Providing sexual health services for young people in Nottinghamshire

A range of sexual health services are available to support teenagers and young people in Nottinghamshire.

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust provides the Nottingham Sexual Health and HIV Service, a free and confidential service.

It covers topics such as testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs), contraception, HIV and condoms.

And they also offer a range of specific services for young people aged between 13-25 years where they provide free, confidential help, support and advice about sex and relationships, resisting peer pressure, sexuality, contraception, STIs, pregnancy testing and emergency contraception.

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If you have communication support needs to enable you to access the Nottingham Integrated Sexual Health services and you are unable to use or access a telephone or the online booking, or are unable to ask a GP to refer you to the service, please use the Accessibility tools icon at the top of the page, next to the orange search icon and you will be directed to further help.