Teenage Helpline mentoring service

Service provides support for young people who may not have others to speak to.

Teenagers and young people in Nottinghamshire are being advised about a peer-to-peer mentoring service for up to 25 year olds.
Teenage Helpline provides support via email for young people who may not have others to speak to or who do not feel they need or want professional help yet.
Teenage Helpline’s Mission is: “To provide all young people with a safe space to work together to achieve their own best potential.”
It aims to support young people through any difficult period in their life, bring young people together to support each other through peer-to-peer mentoring, and develop young people through volunteering opportunities, training, and experience.
Mentors can be contacted via email.
For more details about Teenage Helpline visit: https://teenagehelpline.org.uk/

*Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust also offers the ChatHealth text messaging service for young people aged 11-19 years.
It provides an easy way for young people to confidentially ask for help about a range of issues.
For more help text 07507 329952 and for more details visit: https://www.nottinghamshirehealthcare.nhs.uk/healthy-families-chathealth