NHS Cadets Programme

Providing opportunities to explore roles in healthcare.

Young people are being encouraged to become NHS Cadets and gain valuable experience of volunteering in health and care in Nottinghamshire.

The Trust is highlighting the new St John Ambulance programme – NHS Cadets – aimed at young people aged 14 to 18 to provide them with opportunities to explore roles in the NHS.

From physiotherapists to dieticians, radiographers and psychotherapists, to chefs, IT technicians, research scientists and communications officers, there are more than 350 career options within the health service, all of which make a crucial difference to people’s lives.

The NHS Cadet Programme offers teenagers the chance to develop the skills needed for an NHS career by volunteering in vaccine centres, supporting elderly people in the community and undertaking first aid training.

A spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust said: “Despite the challenges of the pandemic and the impact of lockdown on their learning, young people in the county have an opportunity to build the early foundations of a career in the NHS.

“The experience the NHS Cadets will gain through the programme will provide a unique insight into healthcare – and may shape their career in the future. St John Ambulance NHS Cadets offers an exciting blend of training and practical experience to equip young people for a future in healthcare or other sectors.”

NHS Cadet Project Manager, St John Ambulance, Karen Dynan said: “We know that access to a career in health represents a brilliant future, especially for young people who have faced challenges in earlier life.”

The core aim of the programme is to expand opportunities for young people from underrepresented communities, and it delivers on key objectives of the NHS Long Term Plan, including investing in the future frontline workforce.

The Trust is particularly keen to hear from young people from under-represented communities.

There has never been a better time to join up – find out more by emailing NHSCadets@sja.org.uk

For more information visit: https://nhscadets.sja.org.uk/

*Photos by Michael Hall, Courtesy St John Ambulance