Accessing the young people’s Substance Misuse Service just got easier

Here's what you need to know.

Access to the young people’s Substance Misuse Service, provided by Nottinghamshire Healthcare, has changed recently making it easier for young people, families and professionals working with them to get help for substance misuse issues.

The service works with young people confidentially, to give advice about reducing drug and alcohol use and to help young people set realistic goals to manage their substance use. We can help you reduce your use, maintain your use at a safe level, or give you some education and information about drugs. We also just give you a chance to talk about any difficulties that you have around drugs and alcohol.

The service has now been made easier to access by offering a direct number to the service.  You can now contact us on 0115 956 0842 and you will be able to see a worker within a day or two and we will see you wherever you want to be seen.