Voicebox – Competition Time!

Join our annual Big Health Challenge!

Every year Healthy Schools asks Student School Councils in Manchester to get involved in our Big Health Challenge. We see between 10 to 15 secondary schools compete for first place with the grand prize of winning our BHC trophy for the year, complete with your school name inscribed. We give you a theme in the form of a question that you need to answer in a presentation format on behalf of your school. Previous questions having included such topics as promoting positive wellbeing and diversity & inclusion.


This year our question to you is: ‘What is your school doing to positively promote and engage the school community in healthy lifestyles?’ All entries should include: healthy eating, physical activity and mental wellbeing, recognising the links between these three elements.


In order to answer this question, you and at least two others should gather this information from across the school community from pupils, teachers, support staff, parents and more! We recommend pupils are chosen from their school council but this is not essential. You should create a 5 minute video of yourselves presenting your entry i.e. a recorded powerpoint or prezzi, presenting a collage or creative art, clips of the activities you have done. Only one submission is allowed per schools so speak to your School Council Coordinator and/or PSHE Lead to confirm how the group of pupils will be chosen in your school. The final deadline for submissions is 28th June 2021.


For more information on how to take part, please ask your teacher to e-mail healthy.schools@mft.nhs.uk. Entries can only be accepted via a teacher at your school.

We look forward to seeing your creations!