Look after yourself and each other - stay safe- stay in control.

Safe4Summer is a partnership campaign which takes place over the Summer months with the aim to keep young people safe and provide information to parents and carers. The main message promotes thinking about your social responsibility.


Social responsibility

So what is my social responsibility? It means that individuals and companies have a duty to act in the best interests of their environment and society as a whole. In simple terms one way is thinking about keeping yourself and others safe this Summer This could be while exercising around water and reducing incidents of anti-social behaviour such as hoax calls to emergency services and deliberately set fires.

Did you know that 80% of those who drown accidentally are male and that more than 46% never intended to be in the water?? As temperatures start to rise you and your friends may be tempted to cool off with a swim in the local river, lake, canal or reservoir. However, the water will be a lot colder than you think, often there is no lifeguard to help if you get into difficulties and it may be so deep that you can not get out. Open water can have strong underwater currents plus rubbish, weeds and other items that could injure or affect your ability to swim. Being safe around water doesn’t need to be boring, you can enjoy the water, including adrenalin sports, without taking unnecessary risks.


What is Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)?

Deliberate fire setting, hoax calls, attacks on firefighters, causing noise and nuisance and drinking on the streets are all types of ASB. Anti-social behaviour could result in being asked to sign an Acceptable Behaviour Contract and at worst facing prosecution and ending up with a criminal record (some countries will not allow you to visit if you have a criminal record!) It can also mean that you or your friends could end up seriously injured or worse. Those that set deliberate fires can receive a £5,000 fine or 6 months imprisonment. A hoax 999 call may appear to be a harmless prank but lives are being put at risk and this is why all 999 hoax calls are traced and recorded.

When you are enjoying your time away from school there may be a temptation for you to get involved in things that seem like harmless fun but can often lead to serious consequences. This Summer we are asking you to have a break and unwind, especially after the challenging year that you have faced; but to remember that there are many other people who will be enjoying activities and events and we urge you to respect others and be socially responsible this summer.