Oral health

Looking after your teeth is really important, and knowing how to look after them can help prevent dental decay and other dental problems.

Top tips for brushing teeth

  • Brush your teeth twice a day (morning and before bed)
  • Brush for two minutes (you could use a timer to help or the NHS APP BrushDJ)
  • Use fluoride 1350ppm – 1500ppm toothpaste on your toothbrush.
  • Brush all surfaces of your teeth (inside, outside and chewing surfaces to make sure they are all clean)
  • Don’t rinse your toothbrush with water whilst cleaning!
  • Spit out excess toothpaste after brushing and rinse your brush under water
  • Once you have finished brushing your teeth, DO NOT rinse your mouth with water (this will wash away the toothpaste which is there to protect your teeth)
  • Eating a healthy balanced diet will help you keep your teeth strong and healthy!
  • Try to drink water rather than fizzy drinks or squash as water reduces the attacks on your teeth.


Other handy hints for you:

  • You should try to visit your dentist every six months.
  • If you don’t have a dentist you can get your parent or carer to register you with one.
  • If you are struggling to find a local dentist then your school nurse can help with this.