National fitness day – Wednesday 20th September

Wednesday 20th September 2023 is National Fitness Day and encourages people all across the country to make it the most active day of the year.

Why is it important?

Physical activity can help us to lead a healthy and happy life both physically and mentally. It is important as a lack of physical inactivity can lead to obesity, and long term physical health conditions like type-2 diabetes, heart conditions, some cancers and bone conditions. The benefits of exercise can improve our confidence and social connections.


National Fitness Day brings the Nation together to remind us of why moving is good and brings together all ages, abilities and backgrounds to celebrate, have fun and enjoy fitness. This year National Fitness Day will take place on Wednesday 20th September – where providers from across the UK will be encouraged to offer the general public free opportunities to be active in their local community. For more information visit the national fitness day website.


For further support and advice about keeping fit and healthy: