Moving up to high school!

Moving up to High School!

Some of you may be moving from primary to High School.  This is an exciting time in your life as you move on to the next chapter, however it can feel like a scary time too and some common worries include getting lost, losing old friends, homework, being bullied and detentions. Most children feel excited, nervous, or scared about the change but it is important to remember these are completely normal feelings. Most children will very quickly settle into a new routine, you will get used to your new school, your surroundings, new teachers and you will even make new friends!

Returning to school may leave you with a mixture of emotions. These may include feeling excited, happy, worried or scared. These feelings are again completely normal so try not to put too much pressure on yourself. There will be some ups and downs. Talk about how you are feeling with family and friends, you are not alone and most people will have similar thoughts. See the tips below to help you prepare for your move to High School!

  • Be prepared – Know what you need! Have your bag packed, all your clothes ready and set your alarm to give yourself enough time to get ready.
  • Plan how you will get there – Planning your route to school including your set off time will help to calm your nerves and help you to feel prepared. If you can you might want to walk with a friend to help ease any first day nerves.
  • Get a good night sleep, eat a nutritious breakfast – Getting enough sleep is great for the mind, it clears the body of toxins to make you feel refreshed.¬† Going to school after a good sleep will help to ease stress, make you feel energised and will aid your concentration. A nutritious breakfast will help feed your mind, support your immune system and boost your energy levels throughout the day.
  • Give yourself time – It will take time to settle in, if your first day doesn’t go to plan or you don’t enjoy it, give it time. Go into the next day with a fresh mind and open up to friends, family and staff at school about how you are feeling.
  • Keep talking – If school is really getting you down, remember you’re not alone. As difficult as it may seem, talking to a friend, parent or someone you can trust can really help.