Pedal Power!

19th April 2021 - 30th April 2021
April 19th sees the start of Sustrans annual Big Pedal campaign. Find out how travelling actively can help to keep you mentally and physically well.

Sustrans are a charity on a mission to make walking and cycling easier for people everywhere. They know that keeping active by travelling to school either on foot or by bike can help to keep you feeling fit as well as boosting your mood and helping you to feel happier and more productive. Not only that, but active travel is great for the environment too, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

What’s the Big Pedal Challenge?

The Big Pedal is a 10 day challenge to get as many people as possible travelling actively to and from school. Schools can register to take part and log their active journeys every day to see if they can be the school to get the highest percentage of their pupils, staff and parents cycling, walking, scooting, or wheeling to school. There are loads of resources to get you started and great prizes to be won.

When is it taking place?

The Big Pedal takes place for ten days and this year it is running from the 19th – 30th April 2021. It’s open to Primary, Secondary and Special schools and taking part is easy, fun and free! This year, Sustrans have even made provision for pupils who may have to self-isolate. Your teachers can find out more about this by clicking   here

My school hasn’t registered

Don’t worry if your school hasn’t registered, there is still time. Why not speak to one of your teachers and get involved in helping your school community become fitter and healthier through the Big Pedal this year. You could even become an ‘Active Travel Ambassador’ and continue to promote active travel all year round. Schools can register and find out more information by following the link here

How can active travel benefit my health?

Travelling actively is an excellent way of keeping fit and maintaining a healthy weight. It’s great for lung and heart health, is gentle on joints, strengthens muscles and reduces your risk of developing serious diseases like cardio-vascular disease. It’s also brilliant for lifting your mood, helping to reduce stress and energising you for the day ahead.

What are the other benefits of active travel?

The roads around Manchester are often extremely busy, especially around schools at the start and end of the school day. Travelling actively helps to get more cars off our roads, reduces harmful emissions, improves the air quality and reduces road traffic accidents. If you usually travel by public transport, switching to walking, cycling or scooting is also a brilliant way of saving money. After all, travelling under your own steam is completely free!

It always rains in Manchester!

Don’t let the weather put you off! We do get a fair bit of rain in Manchester, but you can still travel actively. Put your hood up and carry an umbrella. Getting a bit wet is a small price to pay for all the other benefits you will see if you choose to walk, cycle or scoot your way to and from school every day.

Over half a million young people will be taking part in this year’s Big Pedal Campaign. Why not join them and give active travel a go yourself?