No Smoking Day – get involved!

8th March 2023 - 8th March 2023

Most smokers start when they are a young person and whether to smoke or not is an important choice that young people need to make. On No Smoking Day – 8th March, many people will be supporting others to stop smoking or encourage young people not to start. We are inviting you to take part in a No Smoking Day Challenge and take the lead in educating your peers about smoking.

No Smoking Day

The aim of No Smoking Day is to raise awareness about:

1.the effects of smoking

2.the benefits of stopping smoking and how to get help

3.The benefits of not starting smoking (most smokers start when they’re young!).

How can you take part?

We would like you to take part by developing a creative piece of work to promote No Smoking Day amongst your school community. The aim is to share with others the benefits of not smoking/vaping. For those that do smoke or vape, you can share the benefits of stopping, and where young people can get support. Hint: check the end of this article!

There are a range of ways that you can take part. Here are some other ideas that young people have come up with in previous years which might give you some inspiration: –

  • Design a poster or leaflet to display in school
  • Write a song or rap
  • Deliver an assembly for your year group, or younger
  • Make a 3D model
  • Write a poem or story
  • Make a film or take a photograph

Once you create your idea, please share your work with your teacher. Your teacher can then email your work to: Please include your name, your school, and age on your work. Closing date for entries is 13th March.

We will share young people’s creative pieces on social media and with other school communities. Thank you for taking the time to be part of the No Smoking Day Challenge!

For advice and support on smoking, find out more here: Contact details for Be Smoke Free – Manchester (