Beauty Banks

Everyone should have access to hygiene products, like deodorant and soap. Unfortunately there are an increasing number of children and young people who are unable to access these products. Beauty Banks share the belief that having access to hygiene products is a basic human right.

What is Beauty Banks?

Beauty Banks works like a Food Bank and helps to supply unused personal care and hygiene essentials to people in the UK who cannot afford to access these products.  Beauty Bank believe that ‘Everybody is a somebody and we all have the right to be clean because our physical and mental health and wellbeing depends on it”


How does Beauty Bank  work

Beauty Banks works in partnership with registered charities and schools across the UK to support children, young people and families suffering from hygiene poverty. Beauty Banks do not judge or stigmatise, they are confidential and exist to support those in our communities who need help. Schools can register with Beauty Banks directly to obtain support.


How do we get more information about Beauty Bank

You can contact beauty bank and find out more via: