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Screen time and you

From watching TV to scrolling through social media, we use screens all the time

But did you know that too much screen time can mean you're not getting enough sleep, not moving enough and eating more than you realise!

1. Sleep
Teen asleep on bed with phone Image Credit

Using screens before bed can make it harder for you to drop off.

And a lack of sleep can then impact how you feel and how well you concentrate during the day.

Experts recommend avoiding screens in the hour before bed time so you can get a full night’s sleep.

2. Moving around
Girl running Image Credit

Sitting too much, whether you’re watching TV or playing on a games console, can lead to health problems.

Experts say to stay healthy we need to move our body for at least 60 minutes every day.

Most screen time happens when you’re sitting still, so swap some of your screen time for a run, bike ride or a game of football and you’ll feel better for it.

3. Food
Bowl of salad Image Credit

Research suggests that when you eat in front of a screen, you don’t notice when you feel full, so carry on eating.

This means you are likely to be eating more than you need.

Going screen-free at mealtimes means you’ll pay more attention to what you’re eating, and will be less likely to over-eat. Mealtimes are also an opportunity for good conversations with your family around the table.

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