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Quiz: What Kind Of Exercise Suits You?

There's an activity out there for everyone - find yours!
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  • 1. A local sports team are recruiting new members. What do you do?

      • A. I look forward to the challenge
      • B. I sign up the next day
      • C. I ignore it, I don’t do sports
      • D. I just carry on to playing my favourite video game
  • 2. Which form of exercise do you prefer?

      • A. Dance
      • B. Team sports like football, rugby etc
      • C. Fitness class
      • D. Golf
  • 3. What do you like about exercise?

      • A. It keeps me fit
      • B. I can hang out with friends
      • C. I enjoy it
      • D. I don’t exercise
  • 4. What don’t you like about exercise?

      • A. I'm not good at it
      • B. It's too much effort
      • C. It makes me hot and sweaty
      • D. I don't like to exercise
  • 5. Your teacher sets you a project that can be done in groups or alone. What do you do?

      • A. Decide to work with a close friend
      • B. Do the project alone
      • C. Gather together half the class
      • D. I'm not bothered either way
  • 6. What kind of music do you like to listen to?

      • A. Energetic rock music
      • B. Something slow and calming
      • C. Upbeat but mellow music
      • D. Fast paced dance music
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