What you need to know about immunisations

Do you know when your next vaccination is due?

Did you know that whilst at secondary school, you will receive vaccinations against Human Papillomavirus (HPV). You will also have a teenage booster, which protects you against diptheria, tetanus and polio, along with a meningitis booster, which protects you against strains A,C,W,Y of the disease.

So when will it happen?

In Year 8:

  1. You will receive both 1st and 2nd doses of HPV

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In Year 9 there are two vaccinations:

  1. Teenage booster which protects against diphtheria, tetanus and polio (DTP)
  2. Meningitis booster which protects against A, C, W and Y strains of meningitis.

Your school will let you know the date arranged for your immunisation session and you will receive a letter containing a link to the online consent form and the unique code for your school that you’ll need to complete with your parents/carers before the session.

It’s really important to read all the information in the letter and return your signed forms back to school before the session date.

Be Immunise-Wise

Here’s some top tips about immunisations and everything you need to breeze through getting your vaccines.