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3 tips for healthy teeth

Good oral health is vital to protect against unpleasant things like:

- Tooth decay, which may result in a dentist having to give you a filling
- Bad smelling breath
- Stained teeth
- Tooth loss
- Gum disease

Here are three things you can do to keep your teeth healthy:

1. Brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day, with flouride toothpaste

Make sure to brush all of the areas of your teeth, and never rinse out your mouth straight after brushing (not even with mouthwash) as this can wash away the fluoride. If you use mouthwash, this is best to use at another time of day, such as after lunch.

If you don’t brush your teeth properly, they will be coated with plaque. This is a film of bacteria that can cause gum disease and tooth decay.

Flossing regularly will reduce the plaque that sticks around your teeth near the gum line. It’s best to floss before brushing.

Top tip: If you’re struggling to brush your teeth for long enough, try setting a timer for two minutes.

2. Have regular check ups from a dentist

Visit your dentist regularly so that they can identify teeth or gum problems early. The earlier these are detected, the easier they are to treat.

If you’re not already registered with a dentist, you can find one near you here.

NHS dental care is free for young people up to the age of 18 years, or up to 19 years if you’re in full time education.

3. Live a healthy lifestyle

Cutting down on the amount of sugar you eat, and making sure you have a balanced diet, can help to reduce tooth decay. This is also good for your whole body, not only your teeth and gums!

Alcohol and smoking damage your teeth too, as well as causing a whole host of other serious health problems, so avoid these.

For help quitting smoking, click here.


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