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3 Things That Don’t Make You Get Spots

There are loads of rumours about what gives you spots. Here's what doesn't.
1. Chocolate/food

We’ve all heard that eating chocolate or greasy food causes spots. There’s actually no evidence to say that spots are caused by what you eat. However, eating a healthy balanced diet helps your overall health, leaving you feeling better. Check out our other pages about Food and Drink Rumours, and Eating Healthily.

2. Make-up

There is also a myth that wearing make-up can cause spots, again there is no evidence to support that this is the case. The less you touch your skin, the fewer bacteria will be spread to your skin. If you wear make-up, wash your hands before putting your make-up on and always remove it before going to bed.

3. Bad hygiene

Some people believe that spots are caused by bad personal hygiene, but this is not true. If you’re going to get acne, you will get it no matter how much you clean your skin. Too much cleaning may make the condition worse by removing the protective oils in your skin.

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