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Our GCSE Journey- November 2022

Welcome to our very first Health for Teens blog post

Hello all,

We are a group of four Year 10 students and we are starting a blog all about school life and the pros and cons that go with it.

Throughout our blogging journey we will be writing about our own first-hand experiences and how we have dealt with them as well as sharing other tips and tricks concerning school, revising, starting out new and more.

We hope everyone has had a great holiday and that you are all settling well into this new year at school, whether you are just starting secondary school or in your last year we wish you all the best.

Our top tips for organisation:

  • To ensure less stress in the mornings, pack your bag the night before. It only takes 5-10 minutes and allows you 5-10 minutes extra in the mornings
  • Completing your homework as early as possible ensures you don’t forget to do it and it means you are able to ask for help before the homework is due in
  • It may help to have a planner to help you to be organised – You are able to see when different assignments are due in and so you can plan when to complete certain assignments to ensure they get completed in time etc

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