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Testicular Awareness

Why checking your testicles is necessary

What are testicles?

All males have testicles which sit either side of the penis. The testicles are oval in shape and are part of the male sex organs. Testicles produce sperm which plays a huge part in human reproduction. Testicles also produce the male hormone testosterone which is important in puberty.

Why is it important to check my testicles?

Testicles are oval in shape but vary in size from person to person. The scrotum holds both testicles. It’s important to check your testicles monthly so that you can spot any changes in your body.

Warning signs to look out for….

  • Lump or swelling in one of the testicles
  • A dull ache in the scrotum
  • A feeling of heaviness in the scrotum

If you are experiencing any of these things book an appointment to see your GP and get them checked out. Most lumps and changes are nothing to worry about, but it’s important to know your own body, and to get any changes checked straight away.

If you are experiencing severe pain or swelling, it’s important to access emergency medical care.

Did you know around 2,300 males are diagnosed with testicular cancer each year in the UK?

How common is testicular cancer?

  • Testicular cancer tends to affect younger males between the ages of 15-49 years old.
  • The number of cases of testicular cancer have doubled in the UK each year since the mid-1970s. The reasons for this are unclear.

How to get help

Worried about a lump and want to talk to someone? Don’t panic, make an appointment to see your family doctor.

If you have any more questions on this area or would like to speak to somebody about this topic, have a look at the links or search for your local services in the blue box below. Alternatively you can always contact your school nurse.

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Find help in your local area

Find out what services are available to you in your area. Remember your school nurse is always there to give you confidential help and support.

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