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7 Ways To Manage Your Feelings

Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed by your feelings.

Here are some ways you can 'get out of your head' and start to feel like yourself again.

1. Find someone who will really listen

It’s good to talk to someone you trust, and to know that you’re being heard and supported.

That might be a friend, someone in your family, a teacher, youth worker or counsellor.

If you can ‘offload’, you’ll feel much better.

2. Be aware of your mood

Our moods go up and down naturally. We tend to know the times and situations when we’re likely to feel low or feel great.

Whether you’re feeling down or on top of the world, strong feelings can be a challenge. Be aware of how you are feeling, and be gentle with yourself.

3. Exercise to raise your mood

Exercise is a great way to lift your spirits and re-energise yourself.

It can help you channel ‘difficult’ emotions like anger and frustration.

4. Challenge negative thoughts

Everyone has a negative voice in their heads, and sometimes it feels really loud.

It’s important to challenge these thoughts and make space for positive thoughts – which are more likely to be closer to the truth.

5. Don't blame yourself for things that are not your fault

Often strong feelings come because of what other people have done or said. You are not responsible for their behaviour, just your own.

If you feel upset about something, take the time to think about what happened and how you responded.  You can only ever change your behaviour, but you could talk to the other people involved about how you feel.

6. Be creative

Sometimes finding creative ways to deal with your feelings can help.

You might want to write a diary, draw or express yourself creatively through dance or music.

7. Be your own best friend

There’s one person who will always be there for you… yourself!

So talk to yourself like a good friend- often we’d never say the hurtful or unkind words we say to ourselves to our worst enemy, never mind to a friend!

Next time you hear the critical voice, catch yourself, and see if you can turn it into a positive.

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