Your School Nursing Service

You can access the School Nursing Service for information, support and advice if you live, or attend school, in Devon.


We can help with lots of things including:

  • Going to the toilet/having toileting accidents (Bladder & Bowel)
  • Healthy eating, exercise and/or growth (including weight)
  • Medical condition or worry about health
  • Feelings and emotions
  • Feeling safe/unsafe around family or friends at home or in the community
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)
  • Sexual health and relationships (including gender and identity)
  • Sleep
  • Smoking, alcohol and/or drugs
  • Moving school, changes at school, or not attending school


What we offer:

We offer confidential one to one appointments. This may be face-to-face (at school, in a community venue or at home), via video conference using Microsoft teams or via phone or text.


How to contact us:

You can contact a school nurse through our secure, confidential text messaging service, ChatHealth on 0752 063 1722

You can also contact us via phone or email via your local Public Health Nursing (PHN) hub:


Phone Number: Email Address:
Eastern public health nursing hub 03332 34 1903
Exeter public health nursing hub 03332 341902
Northern public health nursing hub 03332 341904
Southern public health nursing hub 03332 341901


Request support directly via Request for support – Education and Families (



You can also ask someone else to make contact with us on your behalf, such as a parent/carer, a teacher at school, or another professional you are working with.


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