NEW condom service for Devon and Torbay

Introducing Doink! The new way for young people 13-24 in Devon and Torbay to get free condoms, dams and lube.

 A purple oval with the word "Doink" in big black lettering and the words "free condom pick-up point".

Rising rates of sexually transmitted infections in young people living in the South-West is proof that the message of wearing a condom to protect yourself and your partner is more important than ever.

Last year, there was a 32% increase in new sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnoses among those under the age of 25 in Devon.

Protect yourself and help to reduce this by using condoms.

The service is run by Preventx, the UK’s largest sexual health testing service, and The Eddystone Trust, a local sexual health and HIV charity. Preventx will run the remote ordering process for the service and also provide the online STI screening service in Devon + Torbay via Eddystone will coordinate with distribution sites.

Infographic that is bold black words that say "16-24? Get free condoms, dams and lube from Doink."

Through Doink, condoms and safer sex products will be provided to Devon and Torbay residents aged 16-24 through online ordering with postal delivery and collection points. The scheme also provides information and advice about all aspects of relationships, sex and sexuality.

Registered young people can access free condoms, dams and lube:

  • Online through:
  • In person at one of the many collection sites.

Anyone already registered with C-card for condoms will need to re-register for the new service.

If you already have condoms, have you checked your condom packet?

Check for:

✔️ a CE, UKCA or BSI kite mark, to show the condom is safe and high quality.

✔️ the expiry date.

✔️damage! If a condom pack looks old, creased, torn or damaged, throw it away.

Infographic that depicts the three things to check on a condom and what these look like: the CE mark, the BSI Kitemark and the date


Q: I’m aged between 13 and 16, can I use the service?

A: Anyone aged 13, 14 or 15 can use this service, but you need to talk to staff before you can register. This is to make sure you’re safe and that you know how to use condoms safely. We’ll also talk to you about the age of consent, which is 16.  Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to use the website to order your condoms, but until you’re 16, you’ll need to have a chat with us every 3 months to use the service. This is so we can check in with you and make sure you’re safe.


Q: How do I order condoms by post?

A: Follow the steps below to order:

  1. Register or login.
  2. Watch 2 short videos about using condoms
  3. Choose your condoms
  4. Answer a few questions about sex and relationships.
  5. Place your order
  6. Wait for your condoms to arrive by post


Q: If I order condoms by post where are they sent?

A: You can choose free delivery to your home, another local address or a collection point.


Q: How many condoms do I get?

A: You can choose one of the following:

  • A selection pack (5 different types of external condom, an internal condom, dam and some lube)
  • 10 external condoms (choose from 6 different types)
  • 5 internal condoms
  • A pack of 5 dams

All external and internal condom orders come with 5 sachets of lube.


Q: How often can I get condoms?

A: You can order more condoms or dams whenever you need to, as long as it’s been at least 7 days since your last order.


Q: What is SH.UK and why do they have an SH.UK account for this service?

A: SH.UK is an online sexual health service, run by Preventx in partnership with the NHS. It provides free test kits and, in some areas, treatment and contraception.


The service provides testing for a range of sexually transmitted infections including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and hepatitis C via samples you can collect at home.

This condom service is run by Preventx through the SH.UK platform. That means that you might sometimes see the SH.UK logo, and that you will have an SH.UK account when you register for this service. When you login, your account will be through SH.UK.

Poster that says "Make love not mistakes" with images of condoms as well as information about how to order with images depicting ordering on a mobile then receiving in the post. Logos of the Eddystone Trust, Devon County Council and Torbay Council are listed at the bottom.


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