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About ReachDeck

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We’ve added ReachDeck (formerly Browsealoud); the world-leading digital inclusion software from Texthelp to Health for Teens. ReachDeck helps you navigate around our site, understand our content and interact with our website independently.

By clicking on the new orange ‘Speak’ button that you can see on all pages of our website, this will launch the ReachDeck toolbar that docks to the top of the screen and will stay there as you scroll down the page.

ReachDeck Toolbar 2

You then have access to the many features that ReachDeck has to offer, including:

Feedback and support

Texthelp are passionate about digital inclusion and would love to hear about your experiences using Browsealoud.  A short feedback survey is now accessible from within the toolbar. You can also visit the Texthelp website from the toolbar, where you’ll find lots of useful articles on ReachDeck.

ReachDeck Help

The ReachDeck toolbar explainer video

This video was not produced by Health for Teens and may contain adverts.

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