The A-Z of Consent

Campaign aims to prevent sexual violence and target unhealthy relationships.

“The A-Z of Consent” campaign has launched in Nottinghamshire with the aim of preventing sexual violence and unhealthy relationships. The A-Z of Consent provides key consent facts for each letter of the alphabet, addressing a number of consent themes that have been identified during the last year. The more you know, the more you can influence positive change. By raising the awareness of consent, we can start to create a culture where consent is at the centre of all relationships. Since the launch of the first campaign in February 2020 until now, much has changed in the world of dating, relationships, and sexual activity. We have seen an increase in the number of people staying at home and utilising dating apps and messaging platforms.


The A-Z of Consent campaign has been strategically created to embrace the changing world that we live in and to highlight that consent still matters even if the platforms have changed. This new campaign includes related themes such as dating apps, photos, filming, and messaging. It also embraces themes such as intersectionality and being supportive of everyone, regardless of their identities. The initial campaign is hosted on the Consent Coalitions website where you can find a downloadable poster for each letter and more information about each theme. All the A-Z of Consent posters and resources can be downloaded for free and shared locally, regionally and nationally. Content will be released on various social media platforms, where you can share from as well.


As with all good things consent is based around communication. The resources have been created so that information can be continually updated. If anyone wants to suggest more words, do let them know. Please help to share positive messages about consent and help everyone joining in the conversation. Social media packs can be sent out for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, which you can keep for use now and in the future. Please feel free to share the Consent Coalition A-Z of Consent blog


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