Healthy Family Teams want your feedback

Healthy Family Teams ask what you think about the care provided to loved ones.

How good was the care of your loved one?
We routinely ask the people receiving care from the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust for their feedback. We want to understand their experience, the good elements of their care and the things we could do better.
As a carer or family member, or even a friend, you too have a unique perspective on our services and we want to know what you think about the care we provided to your loved one, and the support we provided to you as their carer, family member or friend.
In recent months, we’ve heard very little from carers, families and friends – we don’t feel we’re able to fully understand how things have been for you and we really want to hear from you.
Please take a few minutes to share your feedback on the care of your loved one, or the support we’ve given to you:
• Fill in the online carers, family and friends survey (or ask us for a survey form):
• Share your story on Care Opinion via phone (0800 122 3135) or online:

Thank you for making a difference by sharing your feedback.

The Healthy Family Teams.