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Cannabis: Just the facts

Cannabis is also known as hash, weed, grass, skunk or marijuana

Cannabis comes in different forms:

  • Hash is a black/brown lump made from resin
  • Grass or weed, often known as the ‘herbal’ form of the drug is the dried, chopped cannabis leaves
  • Skunk is a type of herbal cannabis that is much stronger than the other forms of cannabis. It is usually mixed with tobacco and smoked as a joint, but can be baked or used to make tea too.

You can feel:

  • Happy and get the giggles
  • As if colours are brighter and sounds are sharper
  • Sick and go pale
  • Anxious or paranoid
  • Very hungry

If you have taken cannabis, there are a number of serious risks. Cannabis can:

  • Increase your chances of getting diseases like lung cancer and bronchitis
  • Exaggerate symptoms of existing mental health problems you may already have, like depression or paranoia
  • Affect fertility in both men and women
  • Make asthma worse or cause wheezing if you don’t have asthma

Cannabis is a very dangerous drug and using it regularly can increase your risk of developing serious mental health problems like schizophrenia. Using cannabis for a long time can also affect your memory and concentration, and have an impact on how well you do in school or college.

This drug can also make you feel very tired. By draining your energy, you’ll find simple tasks like getting out of bed much more difficult.

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