Introducing Groupwork at CAMHS

Groupwork is work done by a group of people in collaboration.

Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) Groupwork is the first line offer of treatment available to most young people who are accepted into CAMHS for support with their mental health. The group which you’re referred for will be decided based on your individual needs.

Groupwork is run by a multi-disciplinary team which is sometimes called an MDT.  The team is made up of various mental health professionals and support workers who will lead sessions.  Groupwork sessions offer evidence-based interventions which aim to support your mental health by offering you the chance to improve confidence in social and group situations, develop new skills and coping strategies that you can then transfer into your daily life.

We know that coming to a group may seem daunting but the group leaders are professionals with lots of experience in helping you to feel welcome.


Where is Groupwork based?

Groupwork is usually based at Artemis House, Westcotes House Site, Westcotes Drive, Leicester LE3 0QU.


Are all the appointments there?

No, some appointments are virtual (via Microsoft Teams) and some are face to face. Your first appointment (pre-engagement) and last appointment (final feedback) will always be one to one, via Attend Anywhere and virtual, unless you would prefer a face-to-face appointment.


How many people will be in my session?

Typically, whether you attend a face-to-face group or a virtual group, there will be no more than 8 other young people.


What do you discuss in the sessions?

There are two different types of sessions you may be invited to. You may be invited to the ‘Emotional Skills Group’ or the ‘Decider Skills Group’.


How long will I attend the sessions for?

If you have been invited to the Emotional Skills Group (ESG) you will be asked to attend the sessions for 10 weeks. Click here for more information on the Emotional Skills Group. 

If you have been invited to the Decider Skills Group (DSG) you will be asked to attend the sessions for 8 weeks. Click here for more information on the Decider Skills Group.


Can a patient / carer come with me?

Yes, your parents / carers are encouraged to attend the pre-engagement and final feedback appointment with you, as well as the first group work session. You might want your parents / carers to only be in for part of the appointment and that’s ok too.


I have been referred to CAMHS, will I be seen by Groupwork?

Not necessarily. Once you have been accepted by CAMHS, they will let you know what team you will speak to.