Secondary schools immunisation programme

Leicestershire Partnership Trust's Community Immunisations team will be visiting secondary schools throughout the academic year to offer a number of different immunisations.

The team usually offer two doses of the HPV vaccine to Year 8 boys and girls, as well as the teenage booster and Meningitis ACWY to every student in Year 9.

Find out when the immunisation team will be in your school in the 2022-23 Flu Immunisation Schedule.

We recognise that gelatine used in the manufacture of the nasal flu vaccine is not acceptable for some parents, therefore, for this flu season, parents will be able to opt for a gelatine-free injection instead.  When making a decision to opt for the injectable vaccine, please be aware that the gelatine-free injection:

  1. Is less effective than the nasal flu
  2. An injection into the muscle at the top of the arm can be uncomfortable; therefore your presence may be required
  3. The injectable vaccine will be available later in the flu season and is dependent on stock levels. This means there may be a delay receiving it

More information about the Flu vaccine, in varying languages, can be viewed here.

The immunisations are given by the School Age Community Immunisation Team who work across all of the schools in Leicester City. The team are a group of very experienced nurses and senior clinical support workers.

You and your parent/carer need to complete an online consent form before the school immunisation session.  You will receive a letter containing a link to the consent form and the unique code for your school.  It’s really important to complete this, even if you have chosen not to protect yourself.

If you or your parents/carers have any questions about the secondary school flu immunisation programme, you can call the Community Immunisations team on 0116 2253989.