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Autism and periods: A social story

As my body develops, I will get my period.

When my period starts, blood comes out through my vagina.

I will need to use special underwear, a pad or a tampon so my clothes don’t get stained.

Most girls and women have a period every 28 days. Sometimes it might be sooner or later. This is OK.

A few days before I get my period, I might feel more upset about things. I might feel angry, I might feel sad, I might feel frustrated, or I might feel other emotions. Feeling this way is normal and usually stops when my period starts.

My breasts, stomach and the lower part of my back might feel sore at this time. This is normal.

Putting a hot water bottle on my stomach and having some pain relief medication can help me feel less sore.

I might have my period for 4-7 days. It might be shorter. This is OK.

If my period goes for longer than seven days, I will talk to an adult who cares about me.

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