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Online Friends

Using the internet is one of the most popular ways to communicate with friends.

Even though it can be easy and fun to talk to friends online, it can also be dangerous as you can never be certain who it is you are talking to.

We all know it’s not healthy to spend a lot of time on social media sites but it can be addictive. With the use of social media increasing, there is also a pressure for people to have lots of ‘friends’. Having lots of ‘friends’ or followers online can cause some issues, here’s why:

  • Being a friend in person is much more meaningful as you get to share experiences with each other, rather than online where friendships are much more restricted.
  • You can easily fall out with an online ‘friend’ because of a misunderstood comment.
  • It is easier, and healthier, to sort out arguments and problems when you can talk to someone face to face
  • Some ‘online friends’ maybe strangers or a friend of a friend and not actually one of your real friends, they could also be an imposter trying to seek information about you.

Online friendships are made by clicking a button rather than talking to people and sharing experiences. Be careful who your online friends may be. You should never speak to someone online who you do not know and you should never share personal details online, such as your address.

Make sure you set your privacy settings so that only friends can see your posts and information.

If you ever receive messages which make you feel uncomfortable or scared, you should talk to your parents or another trusted adult about this or report it to CEOP.

How to get help

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