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Life At Home

Everybody’s home life and families are different.

Your home is where you should feel safe and secure and have people who care about your wellbeing and how you’re feeling. Sometimes disagreements and arguments happen, even if you usually get on well with the people in your house.
Unfortunately life isn’t always easy and sometimes things outside your control can put strain on your home life (such as a bereavement or worries about money) which you can’t change and aren’t your fault. In other situations, you can try and think about how you act and relate to other family members.

1. Talking helps!

Talk to your family. It can be difficult but when you’re not feeling angry or upset try and talk about how you feel. Try to talk about what’s upsetting you, what you’re doing well, and not so well and how you want to be treated and treat other family members. 

If that doesn’t help try talking to another trusted adult or talk to your friends about what you’re struggling with.

2. Understand the rules

You may not agree with all your parents or carers rules but respect them. If there’s a particular rule you think is unfair, try and explain your point of view calmly and talk about it. Bear in mind- they might not change their mind about it, but will hopefully listen to you.

3. Think positive

If you’re feeling stressed out, try and find activities that you find relaxing such as writing down your feelings, talking to friends, art work or take deep breaths and try to think about what’s positive in your life.

4. Stop and Pause

Remember your family or carers do care about you. Even when things are tough or stressful they have your best interests at heart. Try and do something nice together or for them and value each other.

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