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How can worrying about body image make you feel and behave?

Lots of young people think about how they look from time to time.

They may worry about their appearance.  This is often referred to as body image. Worries about shape or size, how we look in certain clothes or the condition of our skin are common.

When we find ourselves worrying about body image too often, it can start to impact how we feel and behave.

Thinking about and criticising how we look can really begin to impact self-esteem and the way we feel about ourselves. People who are concerned with appearance may start to feel anxious or low in mood. Worrying about body image can also be tiring and leave us lacking the energy to do things we enjoy.

With all these difficult thoughts going on, people who worry about their appearance might start to behave differently. They may struggle to concentrate in school or college due to worries about body image, or spend lots of time trying on different outfits or adjusting their make up to feel comfortable. When worries about body image become hard to cope with, some people might find themselves arguing with friends and family more often.

If you or someone you know is affected by these worries, check out our top tips for maintaining a healthy body image.

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