Exam results worries!

Here are some of our top tips and resources to help you with results day worries.

It is completely normal to feel nervous about receiving your exam results. This post gives some advice on how to deal with this stress and practical next steps if you need more help.

Our nervous system works in response to anything that makes us feel scared or nervous – this is called our ‘fight, flight or freeze response’. This is usually the reason you get butterflies in your stomach, a racing heart and anxious thoughts. It is often the fear of the unknown that can start the fight, flight or freeze response which is why exam results day can bring on feelings of anxiety.

If you’re feeling anxious and nervous about your results, here are some tips to help you from Young Minds.

  1. Congratulate yourself: Give yourselves a pat on the back, no matter what the outcome is – you’ve worked hard.
  2. Consider your options: There are plenty of routes to take once you have finished this step in your education
  3. Contemplating University Clearing? Going through Clearing to get into a university isn’t always a bad thing
  4. Take it slow: Moving onto the next step is a very personal thing, so giving yourself time to breathe could give you a whole new perspective
  5. Remember to de-stress: Despite the reassurance, sometimes the stress of the situation can get you down.
  6. Don’t compare yourself to others

Credit: Young Minds