Introducing The Beacon Team at CAMHS

What is the Beacon?

The Beacon is an inpatient unit with 15 beds for young people aged between 13 – 18.  The young people who stay here are experiencing difficulties with their mental health and require medical provision to keep them safe. Sometimes, young people are admitted to the Beacon if their family or support network cannot keep that young person safe at home.


Who are the Beacon Team?

The Beacon Team is a multi-disciplinary team which means that everyone who works there has different specialist roles that come together to create a team that is good at doing lots of different task really well.  When you arrive at the Beacon, one of the first people you will meet is a nurse or a healthcare support worker.  They will become a person you work closely with during your stay to plan your care – we refer to them as your named nurse or named healthcare support worker.

Other people who will support you include psychiatrists who will review your mental health needs and medication (if necessary) and psychologists who will help you with therapy to help improve your mental health.  This is often done using a talking therapy technique to help you work through challenges.

You might also work with Occupational Therapists (OTs).  Their role is to help you engage with things you enjoy doing, such as your hobbies.  You could also see the family therapist who will work with you and your family to help everyone communicate better and understand your pathway towards recovery.

Last but not least, in the Beacon Unit there is a small school.  You will be offered lessons each day to ensure that you are not missing out on your education whilst in the Beacon.  The staff here are fully qualified teachers who will help you with your studies.


Where is the Beacon?

The Beacon Unit is opposite the Bradgate Mental Health Unit which is based at the Glenfield Hospital. Click here for further information on The Beacons location.

For a virtual tour of the Beacon Unit click here.


What do they do in the Beacon?

The team in the Beacon will work with you to help you on your way to recovery.  Because everyone has different mental health needs, this means that there is a no one ‘best’ way to help you and therefore, the team will make an individual plan just for you.  To figure out what your plan should be, the team will assess you and your needs shortly after you arrive.  The main aim of the staff at the Beacon is to help you get into a more stable place with your mental health so that you are able to leave the Beacon and live safely back in your home or community.


What will happen if I’m admitted to the Beacon?

When you and family/carer first arrive, you will be admitted to the Beacon by one of the doctors and asked a series of questions relating to your mental health and other parts of your life.  A qualified nurse or healthcare support worker will introduce themselves to you and then show you around the Beacon.  They will show you your bedroom and en-suite and will talk to you about the routines at the Beacon. They will start to introduce you to other staff and the young people who are there.  They will be able to answer questions you may have.  You will also be given a welcome pack with lots of helpful information. It might feel stressful when you arrive at the Beacon so it’s useful to have a tour and welcome pack to get to know the place.


If you need urgent help for your mental health, you can call the Central Access Point (CAP) on 0808 800 3302 who have an 24 hours urgent mental health support line. You can also

  • Speak to an adult friend or someone you can trust as soon as you can
  • If you are already seen by CAMHS and it is in office hours (9-5), call your CAMHS worker
  • Speak to your school nurse or social worker
  • Call your GP
  • Call 111