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Webchat: Drugs and Alcohol 03.07.17 4.30-5pm

Join us for a chat from 4:30pm on Monday 3rd July 2017.

Do you have questions about Drugs and Alcohol?  Are you worried about yourself or a friend or family member using Drugs and Alcohol?  Join us online on Monday 3rd July at 4.30-5pm where you can chat about Drugs and Alcohol, facts and fiction and get health advice and information.

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Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) / 3 Jul 16:26

Join us in 5 minutes for today's chat about drugs and alcohol where you can get advice and support from Turning Point

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) / 3 Jul 16:33

Hello, My name is Lynn & i work for Turning Point so if you have any questions you would like to ask about drugs & or alcohol please do.

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) / 3 Jul 16:37

Summer holidays are nearly here so it's wise to remember some ways to stay safe so it's a fun time without any hospital visits!

Alcohol is commonly used at parties especially after the exams are over but binge drinking can be really dangerous & lead to alcohol poisoning so please try not to drink lots of alcohol too quickly.

To be safe with alcohol eat before you go out, drink water or a soft drink between any alcohol consumed & slow down the amount drank. Best thing would be not to drink at all if possible & especially so in hot weather.

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) / 3 Jul 16:40

Alcohol poisoning is when the body can not get rid of ethanol which is left over from alcohol consumed & goes in to the stomach, this is got rid of through sweat, pee & your breath but if it builds up too much it becomes really dangerous & can kill you so please think before going out with the intention of getting drunk.

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) / 3 Jul 16:44

Cannabis & safety, please remember that when using cannabis or any other substance especially in public you are at risk of harm to self or from others.

This risk can be serious especially if there is another person who knows you're intoxicated & takes advantage of you so be aware of where you are & who you are with.

Have an emergency plan that you share with friends & anyone you trust. Have easily accessible numbers to call from your phone so help can get to you quickly & never be afraid to call 999.

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) / 3 Jul 16:48

Mixing substances, so any drugs & alcohol is dangerous & called poly substance use which again can be deadly.

cannabis has a very high level of THC now which is commonly associated with psychosis & this can be a problem that you may have to live with so when using it have small amounts, see how you feel, give it time to take effect before having more. This way you can make sure you are safe & most important are in control.

MDMA & LSD are now being reported to be of a high concentrated level & deaths are now being attributed to them so please try & avoid them but if you don't remember to CRUSH, DAB & WAIT as this could be the thing that saves your life!

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) / 3 Jul 16:50

Crush, Dab, Wait means if you have a pill crush it down to powder, dab a very small amount on your finger to try & then wait for at least 30 minutes to see what the effects are before you use more!

This is really important & it's not going to ruin your night or fun at all but it will keep you alive.

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) / 3 Jul 16:56

Cocaine is also dangerous so best to avoid but if you are tempted please again try small amounts & see what happens before you have more.

Also please remember to NEVER mix cocaine & alcohol as these are the only two substances that when mixed create a third call cocoethylene which is deadly & has caused numerous deaths in young people over the years.

Also with such drugs never share equipment such as snorters as you are at risk from blood born viruses such as Hepatitis B, C & HIV. Please see your GP or talk to your school nurse if you have concerns about this as we all want to help.

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) / 3 Jul 17:00

Please just look after yourself & have a good summer holiday but always remember to be safe & if you are unsure about someone offering you alcohol or drugs just say no!

It may be hard to do this when you're under pressure but you have the right to refuse & also can remind the other person that if they give you something that causes you harm or worst case death they are then going to be charged with manslaughter, so really is this worth it!!

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This chat is now closed, thanks for taking part.

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