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Web Chat: Consent, Sex & the Law. Mon 26th Oct 4.30-5pm

Join us for a chat from 4:30pm on Monday 26th October 2015.

Want the truth behind the rumours?  There are so many myths about this it can appear very confusing, but actually it’s quite clear and straight forward.  Join us for a chat on Monday 26th October 4:30pm – 5pm and connect with other young people, ask questions, find answers and discuss.

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Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) / 26 Oct 16:16

Hi everyone. This chat will start in 15 minutes. Look forward to chatting with you all

SmilingKitten / 26 Oct 16:26

Hello, by consent/sex and the law, what does this exactly mean?

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) / 26 Oct 16:27

Hi we are going to be talking about the sex and what the law says hope thats ok

YawningHorse / 26 Oct 16:28

where do i get condoms from

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) YawningHorse / 26 Oct 16:31

Hi thanks for your question. Most areas have local sexual health clinics where you can access free sxual health advice and support some schools over sexual health provision. If you want further information then you could use chathealth to find out about your local area.

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) / 26 Oct 16:28

Do people know what consensual sex means?

SportyMonkey / 26 Oct 16:29

YawningHorse - how many do you need lool

YawningHorse / 26 Oct 16:30

no what does it mean?

SportyMonkey / 26 Oct 16:30

What is the patch? and how protected are you in terms of contraception?

SmilingKitten / 26 Oct 16:31

Consensual is when you both agree isn't it?

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) SmilingKitten / 26 Oct 16:34

Hi thats right consensual sex is about agreement to do something between the people involved. You always have the right to say No at any point and theres no pressure between the people involved

SportyMonkey / 26 Oct 16:31

YawningHorse - don't take condoms from anyone, even if a sexual partner.. Always use a new pack and open it yourself

SmilingKitten / 26 Oct 16:33

on what side of the law would it be classed as if someone initially says yes but then changes their mind? Ive seen the advert on tv saying if you could see yourself but pewrsonally ive never been in that situation yet, i'm only 15, nearly 16

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) SmilingKitten / 26 Oct 16:37

Hi you always have the right to say no at any point the consesual age is 16 for sex. I know the advert you're talking about and alcohol can have an impact on the way that you think and act.

SmilingKitten Sarah Fenwick / 26 Oct 16:39
This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn't adhere to our terms and conditions.
Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) SmilingKitten / 26 Oct 16:46

Hi thanks for your message alcohol can make our behaviour change and affect our decision making so ideally its best not to drink alcohol and make decisons about sex when you are sober. Sex should be part of a loving relationship that is fully consensual.We are not able to make comments on specific cases and if you wish to dioscus further then please speak to a trusted adult or go and speak to your school nurse.

YawningHorse SmilingKitten / 26 Oct 16:49

I think it's the morning after pill? I'm sure it's works for up to 48 hours?

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) YawningHorse / 26 Oct 16:52

Hi its actually 72 hours and can be more depending on medication. the healthforteens website has more information in the over 16s area and the also the FPA websire

YawningHorse / 26 Oct 16:35

what's the best method of contraception

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) / 26 Oct 16:40

Hi it might be worth you looking at the healthforteens website that has an area for over 16s on contraception. You could also access the FPA website at where you will find out all the facts. However it is important to remeber that condoms protect you against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

SportyMonkey / 26 Oct 16:45

In terms of unprotected sex, how long do you usually have before it's too late to take action against pregnancy?

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) SportyMonkey / 26 Oct 16:50

Hi thanks for your message. Can I refer you to either our healthforteens website in the over 16's area that has information re EHC and contracpetion or alternatively to the FPA website

YawningHorse / 26 Oct 16:51

For females what's the best type of contraception?

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) / 26 Oct 16:53

Hi sorry this chat is about the law so healthforteens or FPA are the best place for advice. Keep a look out for the chat covering contraception at a later date.

SportyMonkey / 26 Oct 16:55

Tell me some sexual laws...

SmilingKitten / 26 Oct 16:56

I know the law in the uk is 16+ is this the same abraod though?> if i met someone on holiday would i break the law?

YawningHorse / 26 Oct 16:56

tell me 3 things about consent

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) YawningHorse / 26 Oct 17:08

Three facts
Certain cirumstances make it impossible for someone to give consent this is often when a person is not mentally or physically capable of choosing to consent for example if someone is drunk.
If sex takes place with a person under the age of 13 then this is statutory rape as young people aged 12 and under are unable to give consent to any sexual activity.
Health professionals offering sexual health advice will keep information confidential unless they are concernes about the seafty of the individual and then they may need to break confidence they will always ask about consent.

SportyMonkey / 26 Oct 16:57

If you have unprotected sex with a lawyer, than are you protected?

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) / 26 Oct 16:57

The age of consent is 16 for any kind of sex in the UK .The average age that both women and men have sex is 16 .Its a myth that everyone under the age of 16 is having sex.

YawningHorse / 26 Oct 16:59

So that means I can go to France?

YawningHorse / 26 Oct 16:59

So that means I can go to France?

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) YawningHorse / 26 Oct 17:02

Hi every country has different laws Im unable to tell you about the laws for other countries specifically sorry

SportyMonkey / 26 Oct 16:59

If the minimum age is 16, then what is the maximum age?

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) SportyMonkey / 26 Oct 17:01

Hi there is no maximum age

Chat Health (Sarah - Moderator) / 26 Oct 17:09

thanks for participating eveyone.

This chat is now closed!

This chat has now closed, thanks for taking part.

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